Looking for work? So what?

One of the best bits of my job is working with interesting, talented and motivated people – specifically, helping them to recognise their strengths, skills and talents… Things they’re often blind to, because if there’s one thing we all struggle with, it’s getting a clear handle on ourselves. We all, each and every one of us, see the worldRead More »

Resume Prep: Which fruit are you?

Just recently, I helped a career coaching client with a very varied background… Having left Australia in their teens, they’d travelled extensively, criss-crossing the globe for years. They’d had an amazing work life, spanning not just many different countries, but also different roles and fields, across different industries and sectors. Career-wise, they’d dipped a toe in almostRead More »

Career Scoop: Manager, Production Horticulture

What’s your Job Title? My Job Title is Production / Maintenance manager for a large Nurseries company. In a nutshell, what do you do? I run a team of 25 staff, it is our function to complete all stock production and maintenance requirements for our 50 acre site . A major part of my roleRead More »

Interview Prep: Handling the Panel

If you’ve got an interview coming up, you know you have to prepare. Research the role… identify the key competencies… find ways to demonstrate and sell your suitability. You’ll hopefully start anticipating likely interview questions, and practice answering them fluently. All great interview preparation. What most of us forget to factor in? The people who’llRead More »

Interview Preparation: Do you have anything to ask us?

You’ve met your panel, you’ve answered their questions, and now, at the end of the interview, there’s one last section… Do you have any questions for us? As a recruiter, I always enjoyed this bit; Now that our questions were over, we could sit back and get to know the candidate better, on their ownRead More »