Career Scoop: Medical Scientist (Pathology)

What’s your Job Title? Medical Scientist, in Pathology. In a nutshell, what do you do? We receive and test samples from patients, to help the medical team understand what’s going on and enable them to treat someone appropriately. Samples can be anything that is excreted (urine, faeces, sputum synovial fluid, or fluid out of aRead More »

Career Scoop: Principal Psychologist

What’s your Job Title? Principal Psychologist. In a nutshell, what do you do? I provide Psychology and Counselling for individuals and couples, as well as facilitating group workshops and programs on health and wellbeing, for organisations. On top of this, I manage the practice. Currently, we have 7 Psychologists and 3 administrative staff working here.Read More »

Career Scoop: Psychologist (Generalist, Private Practice)

In a nutshell, what do you do? In private practice, my main role is to work with clients during a one hour session, this might be once a week or fortnightly. Sessions are often individual, though it can also be with couples, or with families. During this time, there’s a lot of talking, with meRead More »

Career Scoop: Nutritionist (Trained as a Registered Nurse)

I am a Registered Nurse, specialising in Nutrition, and specifically, Health Promotion. In a nutshell, what do you do? I consult privately, working with clients with a range of issues, and work with them, making recommendations and setting goals to improve their overall health. Problems range from clients needing to lose weight, or allergies andRead More »

Career Scoop: Psychologist (Coaching / Counselling)

I am trained as a Psychologist so that is my professional qualification; This is what I am registered as (psychologists must be registered to practice in Australia) since I do not have a “specialist” qualification. Psychologists work in a number of different areas and there are some differences in their training and their area ofRead More »