Career advice from… David Attenborough

A couple of months back, I had the privilege of hearing Sir David Attenborough – a British institution and the father of the modern wildlife documentary – talk about his long life in broadcasting. By any measure, Sir David has had an extraordinary career. He’s spent over 60 years travelling the globe exploring continents andRead More »

Resume Prep: Which fruit are you?

Just recently, I helped a career coaching client with a very varied background… Having left Australia in their teens, they’d travelled extensively, criss-crossing the globe for years. They’d had an amazing work life, spanning not just many different countries, but also different roles and fields, across different industries and sectors. Career-wise, they’d dipped a toe in almostRead More »

Career query: Whose dreams are you chasing?

Last year, I worked with a client whose story is a cautionary tale.  Finishing High School, she was thinking about her options, and exploring possible studies. She came along with her parents, who were lovely people and clearly committed to supporting their daughter. But as the career consult progressed, something wasn’t adding up. The person inRead More »

Career advice: Where do you get your juice?

How’s your energy today? Did you get up this morning refreshed and ready to roll… Or did you drag yourself out of bed, dreading the day and wishing it was the weekend? By the time you leave work today, how will you feel? Will you be ‘good’ tired from a day that was, for theRead More »

Career Pitfalls: The dangers of being good

Most of us were brought up to recognise talent and celebrate strengths. As a society, we admire those who excel in their area – the people who lead their field, whether in sport, business or the arts. So naturally, when we’re thinking about our careers, we tend to look to the things we do well. WhichRead More »