Career Scoop: Senior Graphic Designer (Architect’s firm)

Career Scoop file, on what it's like to work as a Senior Graphic Designer in an architect's firm

In a nutshell, what do you do?

I design reports, submissions, EOI’s (Expressions of Interest), presentations – visually representing our architects’ work without competing with it.

I also design effective and communicative diagrams, 2D architectural plan renders and undertake Photoshop image editing.

Why did you choose this career? 

Looking back over my career, the one role I gained the most satisfaction from was an unpaid ‘add-on’ task (when a staff member resigned) doing design-related work for a holiday resort. I began researching Graphic Design courses and realised it was the position for me.

That said, there were many times throughout my course that I wanted to quit and felt like I had no real direction to pursue once I had graduated, but I persevered and in the end it has worked out favourably. I love my job!

What path did you take into it?

2 year TAFE diploma with a pathway into university, effectively reducing my university degree to 1 year.

What, in your opinion, is the best bit of being a Senior Graphic Designer?

The ability to take ownership of your work and the sense of achievement when a project is completed, continually learning and updating your skills and collaborating with our graphic designers, architects, 3D artist and interior designers to achieve the unachievable.

Every job has its downsides. What do you think are the worst bits?

Extremely short/tight deadlines and overtime.

Is it what you expected when you first started out?

I expected an extremely stressful, low paid position, limited time for a personal life and the inability to switch off. Fortunately working in a ‘less’ creative and more ‘corporate’ position, this expectation has not proven to be correct.

What do the public least understand – or mistake – about what you do?

Being at an architectural firm people have asked me ‘how I feel designing houses!’

What kind of people tend to do well in this kind of career?

Creative, easy-going, with strong communication skills, excellent time management skills, a
 willingness to learn and to maintain a high level of industry knowledge.

Finally, any advice you’d offer to people looking to get into this line of work?

Work hard and don’t give up!

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