Career Scoop: Bookkeeper (Accounts Administrator)

Career Scoop file, on what it's like to work as a Bookkeeper

In a nutshell, what do you do?

Bookkeeping and accounts for small business, ensuring they have an accurate, up-to-date picture of their business and ensuring they meet Australian Taxation Office requirements.

Why did you choose this career? 

I kind of fell into it, wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after school, and my first job led me in this direction.

What path did you take into it?

I started working, then started an Accountancy degree but 2 kids happened in the middle… We moved to Australia, I converted what I could and studied the rest to get a Cert IV in Bookkeeping, as it was easier to manage with 2 young children and I will be able to open my own business, with hopefully a more flexible work day.

What, in your opinion, is the best bit of being a Bookkeeper?

I enjoy watching small businesses grow and realize their potential, once they get their finances organized!

Every job has its downsides. What do you think are the worst bits?

It can be a bit monotonous, with a lot of data entry, but luckily I have a junior who does a lot of that now.

Is it what you expected when you first started out?

Yes, pretty much what I expected.

What do the public least understand – or mistake – about what you do?

The importance of organization and systems, thinking it’s “just bookkeeping” but there’s a lot more to it with regards to compliance to ATO regulations etc, and doing it accurately.

What kind of people tend to do well in this kind of career?

Generally quieter types, as you’re working on your own a fair bit. You need to enjoy working with figures (!), have attention to detail and good ethics.

Finally, any advice you’d offer to people looking to get into this line of work?

Go for it. Especially if you have a family, you can achieve a great work / life balance, it’s not as boring as it’s made to seem out there, and working with small business is great when you can personally get involved and watch the growth.

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