Career Pitfalls: The dangers of being good

Magnifying glass over the word 'talent' in a dictionary (related to career strengths and skills)

Most of us were brought up to recognise talent and celebrate strengths. As a society, we admire those who excel in their area – the people who lead their field, whether in sport, business or the arts. So naturally, when we’re thinking about our careers, we tend to look to the things we do well. WhichRead More »

Interview Prep: Handling the Panel

Photo of every candidate's greatest fear - a bored-looking interviewer on an interview panel

If you’ve got an interview coming up, you know you have to prepare. Research the role… identify the key competencies… find ways to demonstrate and sell your suitability. You’ll hopefully start anticipating likely interview questions, and practice answering them fluently. All great interview preparation. What most of us forget to factor in? The people who’llRead More »

Want a great career? Stop waiting for perfect!

Picture of 3 men holding up signs awarding 10 out of 10

As someone who’s changed career several times – and who now coaches others through transitons – I know all about waiting. Waiting for clarity… waiting for certainty… waiting for courage. During my first career change, I spent a lot of time waiting… Looking back, despite the stories I told both myself and others, the waiting did notRead More »

Interview Preparation: Do you have anything to ask us?

Interviewer holding a microphone, asking a job applicant if they have any questions for the interview panel

You’ve met your panel, you’ve answered their questions, and now, at the end of the interview, there’s one last section… Do you have any questions for us? As a recruiter, I always enjoyed this bit; Now that our questions were over, we could sit back and get to know the candidate better, on their ownRead More »

Career Capital: Are you depreciating?

Picture of stacks of coins, decreasing in height, as a metaphor for career value decreasing over time

It’s the end of the financial year again – the time for mass EOFY sales, last-minute company purchases… and reluctantly finalizing my tax return. Working my way through receipts the other day – and always keen to distract myself from tax – I found myself thinking about my earliest lessons in investing, from my Dad.Read More »