You'll spend around a third of your life at work...

Yet the majority of Australians actively dislike their job.

Invest in a career you'll enjoy!

Key Coaching provides...

Professional career advice, whether you’re choosing a career, looking for a career change - or just keen to explore your options. Working with students and graduates, women returners, executives and outplacement clients, I coach on career assessments, transferable skills, job search skills and resumes.

  • Thinking of choosing a career?
  • Wanting to change career?
  • Ready to develop a career?

Professional Career Advice

Key Coaching provides...

Tailored interview skills coaching from an experienced ex-recruiter. Learn how to prepare for phone or panel interviews, develop effective interview techniques, manage your nerves and build your confidence. Get expert advice on answering common competency and behavioural-based interview questions.

  • Preparing for a job Interview?
  • Need interview skills practice?
  • Want interview feedback and tips?

Job Interview Skills Training

Key Coaching provides...

Professional career and whole life coaching, from a qualified and experienced coach. Identify your values, develop self-awareness and build a clear direction for your life. Set meaningful goals, build personal resilience and learn new strategies for overcoming obstacles.

  • Feeling lost or stuck?
  • Ready to set inspiring goals?
  • Want a coach to partner with?

Career & Life Coaching